Record Something Happened in The National Day Vacation

In order to avoid rush hours, I went back on September 30, I waked up at 6:00 am with my classmate because I couldn’t grab the high-speed rail ticket. My classmate drives his car. He bought it in half year ago, it is a Volvo’s SUV, very large, we went to Guangzhou to take another classmate, the total was 5 people in the car, we arrived Guangzhou at 8 am. we communicated with each other. The first arrived person is my classmate’s girlfriend, she lived in Shaoyang, then he sent me to my home. I arrived in my home in 9:00pm. It’a tired trip, my parents have done the delicious food for me, include my favorite beef, dry loach.

The next day, I choose stayed in my home, my mother wanted to introduce a girl to me, she noticed the girl’s mother in advance,
but I didn’t want to go to girl’s house, I know it will become complicated if I go there because of the gossip, finally, I told my Wechat account to my mother that we can chat online. my mother compromised. we where added contact each other.

Second Day

The second day, I visited one of my relatives in the next city, I bought some books for my cousins, they were studied in middle school. I have been their home when I was a kid, so I have a deep emotion with them. I slept in their, my uncle drives me home.

Third Day

I visited my uncle. he has been retired. He did a delicious food entertained me. I took a rabbit to him. my mother has a lot of rabbits.

Fourth day

It was Mid-Autumn Festival. My brother in law and my sister came back, we spent time during festival together. In the afternoon, we went sightseeing in the local scenic spots.

Fifth day

I was invited to attend my classmate’s wedding, I took 3 buses, in the afternoon I arrived in my classmate’s city- Yongzhou,
it is an average city, similar to my city. I went there and took a motorbike to the restaurant, as soon as I entered the door,
they gave me a cup of baijiu, I was drunk in a short time.

Sixth-Seventh day
I attended two weddings, ate some local snacks, took some photos for my classmates. I gave each couple a red pocket, In the afternoon, I took the private car to train station, just caught my train.

Eighth day
I have to go back to Shenzhen because I need a rest.


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